What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an effective, minimally-invasive tooth replacement treatment

Missing one or two teeth, and don’t want surgery? If you are looking for a fixed solution, as opposed to a partial denture, the best solution for you is probably a dental bridge. This treatment option literally bridges the gap of missing teeth with false teeth attached to one or two dental crowns. The false teeth will look like the teeth they are replacing: they will also be colour-matched to your existing teeth.

A dental bridge is a minimally-invasive treatment option

Unlike other forms of tooth replacement treatment, a dental bridge requires no surgery. Teeth on either side of the gap may need to be prepared for the dental crowns, but treatment time is 2 weeks rather than 6 months. Another advantage of a dental bridge is that while it’s a fixed option, it doesn’t matter how much jawbone density you have.

A dental bridge can either be attached to one or two dental crowns or it can be bonded to the side of teeth. Which treatment method you receive would depend on where the missing teeth are, as well as your budget and your oral health needs.

Dental bridge treatment

You will need three dental appointments to have a dental bridge placed.

  1. First appointment

During this appointment, your Redlands Gentle Dental Care dentist will assess your oral health, take x-rays and discuss your tooth replacement options with you.

  1. Second appointment

When you come back for your second appointment, impressions of your teeth will be taken and sent off to the lab. The lab will then create a bridge to suit your smile. If your bridge is going to be supported by dental crowns, the teeth on either side of the gap will be prepared for crowns and temporary crowns will be placed while you wait for the more permanent bridge.

  1. Third appointment

The third appointment will take place roughly two weeks after your second appointment. At this appointment, your temporary crowns will be replaced with your more permanent dental bridge. Before the dental bridge is bonded in place, your Redlands Gentle Dental Care dentist will make sure the dental bridge fits comfortably.

Once they—and you—are happy with the restoration, the dental bridge is then bonded into place.

Why a dental bridge from Redlands Gentle Dental Care could be the solution you’re looking for

If you are looking for a minimally invasive, long-term solution to missing teeth, a dental bridge could be your best option. This treatment will blend in with your natural teeth, and because it’s bonded directly to your teeth, there’s no risk of it slipping and sliding like a partial denture.

To find out more about how a dental bridge could help you, or to request an appointment with Redlands Gentle Dental Care, please contact us today.

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