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How safe are Dental X-rays?

Unlike medical X-rays, dental X-rays use the smallest amount of radiation possible. Except in the case of a dental emergency, it is advised that pregnant ...
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Why is my mouth constantly dry?

The salivary glands in the human mouth are responsible for the secretion of saliva, which is needed to maintain an optimum environment in the mouth. ...
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Why would I need a dental filling?

You may require a dental filling as a result of the corrosive action of tooth decay. As time progresses, cavities begin to form, which are ...
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What causes crooked teeth?

This is a tricky question and many theories exist. Crooked teeth are most commonly a sign of improper facial growth rather than teeth that are ...
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I have dentures; do I need to brush them?

The answer is yes. There are specially designed denture cleaning toothbrushes, or a soft-bristled brush is also fine to use. Try to avoid hard bristles, ...
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When do baby teeth fall out?

According to the experts, a baby’s teeth will usually fall out in the same order they came through. The front teeth will often be the first ...
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How often should I use mouthwash?

By using a mouthwash containing fluoride, this can help prevent tooth decay, but don’t use the mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth. By using a ...
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What is tooth sensitivity and why do I have it?

Patients with tooth sensitivity can feel pain when consuming foods and beverages that are hot or cold, sweet or acidic. Tooth sensitivity comes from thinned ...
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Why should I have dental x-rays taken?

Dental x-rays are pictures of your teeth, bones, and soft tissues in your mouth to help find problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. The dentists at Redlands ...
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What are the best ways to practice good oral hygiene at home?

It’s vital that all adults engage in daily brushing and flossing, but to take your oral hygiene to the next level, follow a handful of ...
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