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Dental Emergency 

Accidents happen – it’s just the way of life, whether out on the sporting field, at the family home or during the course of a regular day. In the event of a dental emergency, time is of the essence and it’s great to know that your family friendly dentist has you covered.

When at tooth is knocked out or dislodged it is important to follow a few basic guidelines prior to visiting the dentist, this will ensure the greatest possible chance of the tooth being saved. When picking the tooth up, ensure that you hold the tooth by the crown and not the root. Ensuring that the root of the tooth suffers as little trauma as possible can make a big difference. Once you have picked up the tooth very gently rinse the tooth in milk and then carefully place it back inside your mouth, resting it against the gums. This needs to be in the cheek pocket, not near the tongue,  and for younger children with a danger of swallowing they should leave the tooth in the milk and head straight to the dentist.

Contact our team and let us know that you are on the way so that we can act quickly and prepare for your arrival. Our extended opening hours and Saturday trading mean that if you have a dental emergency we are there to help.

Even if you do not seem to be in a lot of pain, any structural damage to a tooth should be considered an emergency.

Chips or fractures can have an effect on the living tissue inside of the tooth, leading to problems further down the track. Seeing a dentist immediately can prevent future damage and resolve the issues you may have.

Preventing dental trauma

In older children and adults sporting injuries can be extremely common. Dentists estimate that between 13 – 39% of dental injuries occur during sporting activities. Front teeth suffer the brunt of injuries with around 80% of all dental injuries affecting one or more of the front teeth. Yet according to the Australian Dental Association only 36% of children currently use a mouthguard during sports.

Thousands of people every year are suffering dental injuries. Majority of these could be prevented with the use of a custom-fitted mouthguard. Here at Redlands Gentle Dental Care we believe prevention is always better than restoration, if you would like further information on how a mouthguard could save you from a dental emergency visit our prevention page.

Brisbane emergency dental care

Redlands Gentle Dental Care is conveniently located at Victoria Point and Capalaba. With extended opening hours and Saturday trading, we are prepared to help you in your time of need. If you or a loved one is in need of quality emergency dental care, contact our friendly team today.

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