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Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth with dental implants, make an appointment today. At Redlands Gentle Dental Care, we provide dental implants that:

  • Act as an ideal tooth replacement solution
  • Restore the function and aesthetics of your smile
  • Are virtually identical to natural teeth in strength, function and appearance
  • Provide a permanent and comfortable option for missing teeth
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At Redlands Gentle Dental Care, we provide dental implant procedures aimed at improving your overall dental health.

Dental implants act as a replacement for the root of a tooth; these are made of medical grade titanium. Implants are bonded to the jaw and provide a secure, long-term solution to the restoration of both functionality and aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Whether it be the loss of one or a number of teeth, issues can quickly arise if left untreated. Many patients also feel self-conscious about their smile missing some teeth. Dental implants offer a solution to this problem, rejuvenating the cosmetic appearance and increasing the function of your teeth.

Dental implants are often a popular choice for patients looking to replace missing teeth as they offer a virtually identical looking appearance, strength and function when compared to natural teeth.


The ideal solution for missing teeth

The jaw bone is what supports the roots of our teeth. When a tooth is removed or lost the bone surrounding the jaw is no longer required and begins to recede.

With the loss of multiple teeth, a larger amount of bone begins to shrink away. This can cause the facial muscles to weaken and can lead to issues with speech and the ability to eat. Not to mention the cosmetic appearance of the face and jaw area.

When you visit Redlands Gentle Dental Care our highly trained team will conduct a thorough oral health exam including x-rays prior to any treatment taking place. This ensures that dental implants are the most suitable option for you.

Paying a visit to our practice should be your first point of call when it comes to restoring your smile. During your initial consultation, we will discuss with you, your proposed treatment and also walk you through the treatment plan.

Dental implant treatment

Once one of our trained dentists has assessed that you are a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment, a small incision is made into your gum and the implant is moved into position. Once the implant is in place it will be left to bond with the jaw bone, creating a stable base for the implant. This process is what is known as osseointegration and can take anywhere between three to six months.

Once the implant has been placed and begins acting as a natural tooth root, the final phase of the treatment is placing the visible crown. Each crown is custom made to suit each individual. This is done by taking an impression of the implant in your mouth, it is then sent away to a local lab for design.

Aftercare for your implant

It is vital that an implant be treated as a natural tooth. You should stick to a strict oral hygiene routine to ensure  you avoid gum disease and decay. Ensuring you book regular oral hygiene appointments with the Redlands Gentle Dental Care team will ensure your implants, teeth and gums remain in good health.

Dental Implants Brisbane

Redlands Gentle Dental Care has been providing high quality dental implant procedures to Brisbane and its surrounding areas for over 30 years. If you have suffered from tooth loss, or would like to find out further information on how dental implants could benefit you, simply book an appointment with our friendly team today.

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