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Restoring your damaged teeth with crowns and bridges.

dental crowns and bridges

Having a damaged smile can often cause some level of dissatisfaction. Many of our clients at Redland Gentle Dental Care are now choosing a crown or bridge to help restore and whiten their teeth.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a crown and bridge. Generally speaking, crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that can be removed by a dentist at Redland Gentle Dental Care. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the top of the tooth to restore its shape and improve its appearance. Bridges are placed over adjacent teeth to fill missing teeth; bridges close the missing gap and eliminate the chances of gum diseases occurring.

For a crown or bridge to be made and fitted, your dentist will need to reduce the size of your teeth so that the crown or bridge will achieve the best possible fit to cover your tooth. Once we have reduced the size of your tooth/teeth we can then begin to construct your crown or bridge.

How you can fill gaps and missing teeth

Often accidental injuries may result in a loss of teeth, which means your teeth and smile are no longer as strong as they once were. The use of crowns and bridges helps prevent other teeth from drifting and bone loss within your jaw. When teeth are removed from the jaw, it can often cause resorption, causing the bone in your jaw to shrink over time. Resorption of the alveolar bone in your jaw will immediately start to take effect once your tooth/teeth have been removed and will only continue to do so over time

Dentures have commonly been used to fill significant gaps or to replace missing teeth but can cause some difficulties and level of discomfort as you can constantly take them out. However, if there isn’t a replacement tooth implemented then it will impact on the resorption in which the alveolar bone can regain the full strength and structure to go about daily tasks of eating and drinking food.

How you can maintain good oral health

Crowns and bridges can be used as an alternative option to whiten and strengthen your teeth, some individuals may require crowns and bridges to restore the look of their teeth as they may be stained or have significant amounts of decay. Some teeth whitening cosmetic treatments cannot deliver the results that they are looking for. Recent studies suggest that crowns and bridges can last for up to 12 years if the correct regular appointments and hygienic treatments are followed. Your dentist at Redland Gentle Dental Care will inform you of the correct procedures you should follow when caring for your teeth.

The development of tooth decay

Often the diet that you consume, particularly when there is a lot of sugar, is frequently exposing your teeth to harmful acids. The frequent attack of acids on your teeth may cause little white spots to appear which indicate that there is a loss of minerals. If there is a significant loss of minerals and enamel you may require a crown or bridge to restore the most natural appearance of your teeth.


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