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Have you noticed that the way many people view their health is a little skewed?

As soon as a person has a persistent stomach ache, headache that won’t go away, or some ailment Panadol can’t fix they go see a doctor.

But they don’t do that with their teeth.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. A headache can be dehydration, it can be many things—it could even be viral. So the easiest thing to do is go to your GP, find out what’s wrong and how it can be fixed.

But people don’t do that with their teeth.

Ten minutes with your GP and you know the problem and you have the piece of paper that—once taken to the pharmacist—will solve your problems.

But people seem to avoid the dentist like the plague.

Redlands Gentle Dental Care can take care of your whole family’s oral health needs

You don’t neglect your general health, so why would you neglect your oral health? Taking care of your dental health can save you a lot of time, pain, effort and money in the long run.

When you visit our Capalaba dental practice, our friendly team will make you and your family feel welcome. Whether you require a dental crown or your child just needs a check-up, our Capalaba dentists can help restore and maintain your oral health.

Restorative Dentistry

A regular check-up can help you keep your natural teeth. With six monthly check-ups preventing series problems like severe decay and periodontitis can be achieved. At a six monthly check-up you may only require a scale and clean or a filling. A filling is a good way of stopping the decay eating away at your tooth.

If this does happen you will most likely require root canal therapy. And if you chose to ignore the pain further (and one of the benefits of root canal therapy is it removes the swelling, which greatly reduces the pain) you could end up losing the tooth.

The easiest way to think about it is this: if it hurts call the experts: because accidents do happen. Another thing to think about is this: it might only cost you a couple of hundred dollars a year for check-ups, scale and cleans. But a dental crown can cost upwards of $800/$900.

An Capalaba dentist looking after you

When you visit Redlands Gentle Dental Care one of our dentists will assess your oral health and determine the best course of action for you. For many our patients all they require is a scale and clean with their regular check-up. For others it’s bringing their children in so we can assess their child’s oral health.

The advantage of bringing a child to the dentist at an early age is it helps the child to become familiarised with the dental practice. The benefit for your child is they won’t see anything wrong with regular check-ups and maintaining their teeth.

Don’t wait until the pain is too much, contact Redlands Gentle Dental Care to find out how we can help you maintain your oral health.

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