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Five Common Fears about Going to the Dentist – and How to Overcome Them

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Many people are afraid of going to the dentist, and it’s, unfortunately, one of the most common fears that people have.

This is a big problem because regular visits to the dentists are critical to maintaining the health and condition of your teeth and gums.

If you or your child are afraid of the dentist, rest assured there are ways to manage that fear so you can finally make your way to the dentist’s chair.

To do this, you need to understand exactly what you’re afraid of.

1. Fear of Pain

Many people are afraid of the dentist because they’re scared of getting hurt or going through a painful dental procedure. This fear may have come from a traumatic dental experience in the past or simply the wrong perception of how dental procedures go.

But the good news is that today’s dental procedures are more advanced than those several years ago – and it continues to get better over time. These advancements have led to dental procedures that are much less painful now than they were before.

Anaesthesia can also be administered for many dental procedures, so you’ll hardly feel any pain in your gums or mouth in in-depth procedures.

Today’s dentists are also armed with better knowledge and expertise that can make dental procedures as pain-free as possible.

2. Fear of Being Embarrassed

For some people, it’s not fear of physical pain that keeps them away from the dentist – it’s the emotional pain of being embarrassed.

Our mouths are some of the intimate parts of our bodies, and it’s easy to feel embarrassed when other people are observing our mouths.

If you have this fear, it’s important to know that dentists and their staff are trained to be professional when handling your gums, teeth, and mouth.

You can also rest assured they’ve seen hundreds if not thousands open mouths before, so peering into your mouth and working on your teeth will not be something out of the ordinary for them.

3. Fear of Loss of Control

In most dental procedures, you sit on the dentist’s chair, open your mouth, and leave everything to your dentist and staff. To some people, this loss of control and being completely helpless can be frightening.

But rest assured that dentists and their staff have completed specialised training to complete your procedure with proper care.

If you’re anxious about not feeling helpless at the dentist’s chair, try to take comfort in the fact that you’re getting service from experts who have the specialised knowledge, skills, and experience to solve your dental issues.

4. Fear of Injections

Many people are scared of needles and sharp objects. And because many dental procedures require injections for anaesthesia, they end up avoiding the dentist altogether.

If a fear of injections is stopping you from going to the dentist, it’s important to know that not all dental procedures require injections. These are often only used for more in-depth dental procedures.

And if your procedure does require an injection, know that dentists use many strategies to minimise the pain.

These include strategies like using a topical anaesthetic to numb the injection site before injection or injecting the anaesthesia gradually to minimise pain.

5. Fear of Loss of Personal Space

When you’re on the dentist’s chair, and a dentist is looking into your open mouth and reaching in, it’s easy to feel like your personal space has been invaded.

This feeling of invasion – and being uncomfortable with it – can make some people avoid going to the dentist altogether.

To cope with this fear, it helps to remember that dentists and their staff are trained professionals who will handle your procedure with all due care and respect.

It may also help to understand that a professional dentist will never have any malicious intent or ulterior motive when completing your procedure – it’s simply part of the job.

If there’s one person you should trust to handle your teeth and gums, it’s your dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist to Address Your Fears

If you’re scared to go to the dentist, the last person you might think of speaking to is a dentist. But that’s exactly who you should talk to.

A professional and trustworthy dentist can provide the information, guidance, and advice you need to cope with – if not overcome – your fear. They will also be able to tailor your dental procedure to address your fears and make you feel more comfortable.

If you want to talk with friendly dental practitioners who can help you with your fear of dentists, don’t hesitate to have a chat with our team.

As a trusted family dentist for over 30 years, we’ve helped many patients deal and overcome their fear of the dentist. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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