What are the best ways to practice good oral hygiene at home?

It’s vital that all adults engage in daily brushing and flossing, but to take your oral hygiene to the next level, follow a handful of particular steps to good dental health.

There really is no substitute for regular brushing and flossing; because it really works. You should be conscious your specific oral conditions (don’t be scared to ask your dentist to explain it) so that you can make a maintenance regime that suits your particular needs.

Once you’ve established the daily at-home programme remember to stick to it. To prevent an expensive and painful trip to the dentist, commit to a brushing and flossing routine everyday.

Some more tips for a good at home dental routine are to:

  • Use products that contain fluoride
  • Eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables
  • Limit snacks that are high in sugar
  • Avoid tobacco in any form

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